Friday, July 8, 2016

Natación "Capacitación Debbie Sayer 2016"

DolFUN PRO Training at Club Cañada, Mexico City. Teaching Swimming Skills that last a Lifetime.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


DolFUN SWIM Academy adding more    “layers of protection through drowning prevention and education”

Starfish Aquatics Institute Announces their Newest Training Center in Portland, Oregon @ DolFUN SWIM Academy

DolFUN SWIM Academy has joined the Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI) as a Training Center, announcing Stephanie Simmons as the StarGuard®  Training Director.

SAI is one of the largest lifeguard, swim instructor and pool operator certifying agencies in the United States.  In partnership with Human Kinetics, SAI offers state-of-the-art training courses and also provides risk management services to the aquatic industry.
“We are very proud to have DolFUN SWIM Academy join our SAI family,” said Leslie Donavan, President of SAI.  “We believe our focus on professionalism and accountability gives our Training Centers the opportunity to lead the industry in effective and safe programming.”

Founded by Jill White, a renowned aquatics expert, SAI uses an integrated experiential approach to learning. All SAI training programs incorporate this innovative technique.
DolFUN SWIM Academy is now available to train parents, groups and organizations either on or off-site with the StarGuard® Lifeguard Certification and/or American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI)-First Aid/CPR/AEDpro.
To learn more about why SAI:
Since 1995, DolFUN SWIM Academy is internationally renowned for incorporating leading-edge techniques and holistic approaches starting with children as young as 2 months old and continuing through the intermediate levels, including adults.
“It is never too earlier to give the gift of life with swimming lessons.”
“Water Safety Education if vital and can save lives. We are being a part of the solution by providing one of the layers of protection around water, through swimming lessons” sayers said.
“In America, Children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates.
For every drowning death, many more children are left with permanent brain damage,” sayers referenced to learn more:
DolFUN SWIM’s unique aquatic developmental program incorporates songs and games
to reinforce new skills; and swimmers learn to focus on mastering the water’s natural forces,
so they experience the ultimate well-being in warm water 88-92 degrees – which supports a
reassuring learning environment.
One of the nation’s leading “birth and beyond” swim schools, DolFUN SWIM Academy
creates a safe, fun and joyful water experience with Sayers at the helm of her highly trained
team of aquatic educators.
Sayers, who holds a bachelor of science degree from Oregon State University, is a sought-
after presenter and Senior Aquatic Educator who sits on the United States Swim School
Association’s Infant-Toddler Committee and has presented her unique methods at conferences in the United States, British Columbia, Europe and New Zealand.

To book your StarGuard® Lifeguard Certification or ASHI Training:
contact us at: or call 503-343-3004
Register TODAY for lessons visit:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DolFUN SWIM Academy Awarded Best Promotion at 

USSSA National Conference


Tualatin, Oregon – Locally-based DolFUN SWIM Academy won another national award for excellence at a recent United States Swim School Association Conference in Waikiki, Hawaii. Swim schools all across the world come together every year at this conference. Prior to this year’s conference, member swim schools from all over the world were invited to submit entries for a variety of categories for the “Best of Association Awards”. Members in attendance voted to determine winners in each category. DolFUN SWIM Academy took home the award for Best Promotion in the Best of Association Awards.

“Swimming is one of the most fundamental and joyful activities. We hope our refer a friend promotion allowed more people to learn to swim,” said Debbie Marrs-Sayers, Owner of DolFUN SWIM Academy.

The Best of Association Awards represent some of the best tools and business models in the industry. They not only acknowledge award winning swim schools, they also allow other swim school owners to get ideas from their peers and evaluate where their school stands in the industry.

DolFUN SWIM Academy was founded in 1994 and has locations in Tigard, Portland and Tualatin, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. The school’s multi-faceted disciplines include a basic approach, placing an emphasis on the leaner’s natural relationship with the water. For more information on DolFUN SWIM Academy, please call (503) 343-3004 or visit

The United States Swim School Association is now an international organization. Members are quality swim schools with instructors who are devoted to aquatic education and promoting lifelong safety, fun and health.  U.S. Swim Schools has been the preeminent swim school organization in the world since it was founded in 1988. Today, the organization’s member schools reach over one million students per year.  For more information on the U.S. Swim School Association, please call (480) 837-5525 or log on to

Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Mission is to teach one child or adult at a time to be safe around water and learn to swim with skills that will last a lifetime!
Do you know someone with Babies, Children or Adults that need to be safe around water and learn to swim? 
Here is a GREAT way to get started. 
This Living Social Voucher is good for NEW Families to join our DolFUN SWIM Academy Swim Family. 
If you are already a DolFUN Family from the past or present, then FOLLOW, COMMENT, SHARE with family and friends~they get to use the voucher for 50% off lessons and YOU get $20 Tuition Credit for EACH friend you refer! 
It's a SWIMMIN good deal, link here:  Living Social Deal April 2012
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Monday, January 16, 2012

Serendipity of Baby Swimming

Training First Swim 3 months old
Returning your baby to the water....
Back in 1994, I took my first born son Spencer to a water babies class. My friend, Michele worked for Barbara Harper the founder of Water Birth International. She knew a lady that taught Waterbabies swimming. Not knowing much about baby swimming, we thought, this sounded like FUN and decided to take our babies to class together. We had no ideas about all the serendipities that our baby swimming class would bring...

I put my goggles on, swam under "with" Spencer, as I was well instructed. To my amazement, he had his eyes open and literally was frolicking, spinning and giggling under the water. Being born with low motor tone, this was a welcoming environment for Spencer, though at the time I did not fully understand how important this was to his development. When we swam back up for a breath, he would leap out of my arms to go back under, and he would be disturbed when I would bring him up before he was ready. This was my first lesson in "letting go".  Who would have thought that this was a lesson I would start to learn at the pool. We were both drawn into this underwater playground.  I had always loved the water. I started swimming at the age of 5 on a swim team. My mothers tells me she begged the swim coach let me on the team. Swimming together with Spencer, was beyond a blessing and filled me with miraculous moments that I will cherish forever.  The bonding and imprint that was developed will always be the glue between us. He became my teacher in the water, he lead me as I learned to follow his cues as a first time mother and started to learn early to "Let Go".

And to think, I had never heard of water baby swimming before.

I was compelled to go back to my early childhood development books from college and started studying any and all means of articles, papers and books I could find eventually traveling to Europe to study.  I also found that most formal swimming programs in the United States started babies around eight months.  However, during my research I also learned more about water birth, inborn infant reflexes and as more and more inquiries came my way, I wondered why in the United States we aren't incorporating infant swimming right when babies are born? Most cultures around the world that live around water incorporate swimming early on after birth.

1996 my second son Bryce was born. I planned a waterbirth...had a second cesarian.  However, I did have the tub set up in the hospital and got to return Bryce to the water the day after he was born. I had learned now that the first 2 1/2 years of a child's life that all of their innate reflexes are aquatic. Knowing that they are developed in a water environment, this is not so surprising. So my journey continued as I got in the tub and practiced with Bryce, floating on his back, pouring water over his head, massaging and simply spending time...without interruption.  Then to the pool with both boy, with Spencer swimming all around us, hanging on my back for a few short breaths as I swam with Bryce.  By the end of 1996 I had developed the beginning of an aquatic education program I still teach today: Infant Aquatic Beginnings-Connecting the Natural Aquatic Environment from Birth and Beyond

WHY Baby Swimming then you might ask, I ask WHY NOT baby swimming. The serendipity of baby swimming is too numerous to put into a few words. However, I would like to share a few benefit that I have found to be true, as we have taught thousands of children.  At DolFUN SWIM Academy we intend to share and coach you through your families water journey creating bonding memories with you and your child.

Returning your baby to their original element…. Water.
What parents learn are techniques that offer physical,  emotional and psychological support for the  
baby’s innate affinity to water.  Learning a gentle holistic approach to early aquatic orientation for the bathtub or spa will contribute to a lifetime of loving and respecting the water. You can experience the presence of water and touch as a communication element between and you and your new baby. 
You will never forget this precious time as you connect yourself with your baby’s neurological development by being conscious of their natural buoyancy and experiencing heightened multi-sensory stimulation involving touch, hearing, sight and taste. Soak in the miraculous moments of intimate time together.  Motor stimulation in an aquatic environment will strengthen your baby’s respiratory system and general health. Additional benefits also include increase muscle tone, neurological (brain) function, improve coordination, enhance parent-child bonding. The water is an excellent medium to help  overcome trauma and improves cranial adjustment after birth.  

Swimming classes will reinforce your baby’s natural and innate senses helping them demonstrate progress in key developmental areas: Boost development of the Whole Child, Improves Motor Development, Accelerates Cognitive Development, Increase Memory Capacity, Expands Cerebral Communication, Strengthen Social Confidence, Enhance Neurological Development, Deepens the Parent-Infant Bond and add and extra layer of protection against the risk of drowning.
They naturally enjoy themselves as they are introduced to the water again. Your baby will share with you the experience that began long before their birth, where they first encountered:                              
Torque Rotation, Buoyant Lift, Gravitational Pull. These elements all contribute to the development of long term swim skills.

Most importantly, they are able to identify with all the attention and love that is entirely focused on them. 
Your baby will acquire developmentally appropriate water skills that increase water safety, learning to swim and ultimately contribute to safer swimmer and lifelong love of the water. 

My son Spencer and Goddaughter Claire (and swim playmate way back when) are both going to graduate from High School this year, where did the years all go? Another chapter in the journey of "Letting Go" and the "Serendipity" of life long lessons learned in the pool.